Materials for book: "Markov Chains for programmers"

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I have put all code in the folder challenges. There are two sub-folders in there:

  1. project00: contains all challenges using Makefile and defs.h (to ease programming).
  2. project01: a full project with all possibilities as discussed in the book.

The decision to make project00 and congregate all code stems from the fact that I would like to have ONE SINGLE place to withold all functions. So, in the eventuality of me (or other people) finding bugs, one will fix in only one place, not across many multiple challenges.

Challenge 01

Generation and showing a bunch of uniformly distributed numbers.

Challenge 02

Working with pseudo-random numbers and the exponential distribution.

Challenge 03

Validation of DTMC models, testing some modelling options.

Challenge 04

I explored here two numerical methods for DTMC:

  1. Power Matrix
  2. Vector-Matrix Multiplication

Challenge 05

Implementation of a DTMC simulator using uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers.

Challenge 06

Conversion of CTMC to its embedded DTMC counterpart. Discover the maximum element of a CTMC.

Challenge 07

Simulation of a CTMC.